The landscape of your property or home has real value… 5% to 15 % of your homes’ value in most cases for young landscaping, and of course as it matures it increases in value. Maintenance is very important to maintain and increase this value. Without proper and regular maintenance this value can get lost very quickly. Turning your property’s landscape into a liability and decreasing significantly the value to your home and neighborhood.

Why should someone look to Landscape & Design Center, Inc. for their maintenance needs? Because those looking for the services that we offer will find in us: reliability, integrity, quality work, honesty, perfection (as best as humanly possible). Most companies claim to be and do these things but our goal is that in us they will truly find these qualities in our company to the point of raving to their friends and family members about us. We believe there is a great opportunity here because most companies operate with the mindset of doing just enough to not get fired or just enough to maintain the status quo. We like the word “client” instead of the word “customer”. That is why our approach to customer service starts with treating our customers as “clients”.

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